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Are you ready to start your journey with us? If so this is where you need to start! Inside you will find all of the information you will need to survive on the site. Please be sure to read over all the information so you will have a good grasp on the happenings and goings on of Voice of reason. All of our rules, plot information, as well as frequently asked questions can be found here, however if you still have questions after reading please feel free to contact a staff member via personal message.

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! That's right Voice of Reason has its own personal news paper, didn't you know that? So open the pages and take a look at all of the updates and events going on around the site, you never know what you are going to find around here! Activity checks, Event's, general updates, and more will be posted inside as they come up so be sure to check back with us often and stay in the loop!

Had your fill of role playing for the day? Or maybe you are just wanting to have some fun in between posts~! Either way this is the place to be! We welcome members to post games, graphics, just whatever they feel like here to show off their talents or just to have a little extra fun. KEEP THINGS CLEAN! We don't need the cops showing up at our door step complaining about crazy people running around! ;3

Swayin to the rhythm of the new world order

So you made it past the dogs huh? Well now since you are so persistent it's time for you to make your very own brand spankin new character! Please use the template provided and do not change it in any way shape or form unless given permission by or . You may not begin role playing until your character has been accepted~ That being said you have exactly one week to finish your character before it will be deemed inactive.
You made it! Finally! Your character has been accepted and is ready to play out in the cold hard world voice of reason has to offer. Congratulations. Keep in mind that your character has been sorted into the correct sub board inside to keep things nice and neat. If you cannot find your character here personal message a staffer and let them know as soon as you see so they can correct the problem.
So now that you are accepted the last step would be to throw up a good ol' plot page and get to plotting with the other members! You are also welcome to post up want ad's, thread trackers, whatever suits your fancy. We love it when our lovely members make beautiful plot babies together -so long as we don't have to pay child support-!

New York City




Count the bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums

Fairy Tail RP
BY Fluff
If you are coming from another site to plug your beautiful advertisement or looking to affiliate with an equally awesome site this is the place to do both! Please be sure to post in the correct place to cut down on confusion of our staff and try to keep from double posting though if you do it's no big deal I promise we won't have a cow! Feel free to let us know if you make a mistake on your ad so we can correct the problem you can do so in the chat box -Just don't post a link to your site there-. THANKS!

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